Friday, 30 May 2014

Become a highly reputed pharmacy professional by joining RGCP, a leading pharmacy college in India

Are you looking for a pharmacy college that can give a great start to your career? Then you must know about Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy (RGCP). It M.pharma college in Delhi NCR which is said to be the most sought-after pharmacy college in the whole Delhi NCR region. Every year this college gives pharmacy industry a multi-disciplinary team of physicists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy professionals. This is because RGCP is keeping eye on the regular changes taking place in pharmacy industry and train its students to work as per those changes. In short, it is not following the traditional way of teaching.

It believes in modern era teaching therefore it uses all those techniques which proves beneficial for students like Wi-Fi facility, a highly advanced laboratory and a modern day library with vast collection pharmacy books. Then there is a sports complex, canteen, hostel and various other facilities. From, very basic facilities to the high-end needs everything has been taken care by the college management in the best possible manner so that students can concentrate on their studies. Guest lectures and special seminars are organized on regular basis in this pharmacycollege in India.
It offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs with different discipline to choose like Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics. The post graduation courses include Masters of Pharmaceutics and Masters of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The focus of the courses is to research, design, development and formulation of drugs to make it perfect for consumption for the general public. After the completion of the course one will have various job opportunities like joining pharmaceutical company, working as researcher or manager, joining academics etc.

This College inHaryana is working for improving the perception of pharmacy practice by providing highly competent pharmacy professionals to the industry. The easy and simple admission eligibility criteria also make it a great choice compare to other pharmacy colleges which have a complex admission procedure. Also, they have a fee structure which is designed in a way that everybody can afford it. So, hurry and get enrolled in RGCP, one of the best pharmacy colleges in India.            

Key points which make RGCP the best M.pharmaceutics College in Delhi

Key points which make RGCP the best M.pharmaceutics College in Delhi
The demand for qualified pharmacy professionals are increasing day by day as the Indian pharmacy sector is progressing with a constant speed. This proved to be highly beneficial for the pharmacy professionals as nowadays they are getting good salary packages. But these heavy pay packages are only for the people who are skillful and well qualified. To do that, joining a good Pharmacy College is very important. A college which not only offers first-class learning experience but have a good name in the industry like most of the Pharmacycolleges in Delhi.

Some of the best pharmacy colleges of northern India are located in Delhi NCR area, for example Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy. This pharmacy college is training students to work as per the changing trends of pharmacy sector. Basically, students of RGCP are highly dynamic working professionals who can work in any given environment thus there is a high demand of RGCP students in the market. This M.pharmaceutics College in Delhi offers variety of pharmacy courses like B.pharma, M.pharma, B.pharma through LEET admission and PhD in Pharmacy.

The main USP of this college is its teaching faculty which is highly qualified and expert in their respective fields. The college has given a lot of emphasis on faculty selection and has appointed brilliant minds who have excellent track record in teaching field. Then, it has good associations with many pharmaceuticals companies and other organizations which needs pharmacy professionals. Thus, it can easily provide practical exposure to its students.

Providing practical working experience should be the biggest priority of every pharmacy institute as one cannot work in the field of pharmacy without the knowledge of working on-the-job. By joining this B.pharmaCollege in Delhi one will have better career opportunities as one can join fields like retail pharmacy outlets, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, corporations etc. The admission eligibility criteria is very simple and the fee structure is also very reasonable. Thus one should take this college into consideration if want to take admission into a good pharmacy college.       


Wednesday, 28 May 2014 college in Haryana are best for pursuing Master degree in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a field that has a lot to offer, if someone has talent to deal with everyday situations. Yes, nowadays being a good communicator paid highly well in the field of pharmacy as pharmaceutical companies usually look out for the candidates who not only have a sound knowledge about the technical aspects of the job but also have some management knowledge. Yes, managing people, especially subordinates who are running the organization on a very basic level has become an important part of daily routine job of a pharmacist. But, to gain such mastery one needs to have master degree in pharmacy and for that applying for an college in Haryana is a must.

This is because some of the best colleges are located in Haryana and nearby NCR areas, for example Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy. These colleges have a lot to offer therefore being part of any of these educational institutions would be a matter of proud for an aspiring pharmacy student. Though, M.pharmaceutics College in Haryana offer different pharmacy course but they are highly famous for two courses which are Master in Pharmaceutics and Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Both the courses offer advanced knowledge of pharmacy industry. By enrolling for either of the courses, one gets a chance to know about further development of the pharmacy industry.

From preparation of drug to the betterment of drug making procedure, everything is discussed in the course. More than anything, one will get to know that how to manage a pharmaceutical company. In fact, many of M.pharma degree holders of M.Pharma College in Haryana are running their own pharmaceutical companies. This is the biggest proof of the efficiency of these colleges. Moreover, getting admission into these colleges is not too difficult and the fees charged by these colleges are also very reasonable which make them an apt choice for every student.     

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Admission and eligibility criteria of leading Pharmacy College in Haryana

B.Pharma admission in Gurgaon
Delhi and NCR areas have become the fastest growing education hub as many leading professional universities are situated here. Thus, a large number of students from different parts of the country come here to study. Colleges here just not teach but produce highly qualified working professionals and that’s the reason for their increasing demand. Specially, if we talk about Pharmacy College in Delhi NCR then we have even more better picture in front of us. The pharmacy colleges located here are performing exceedingly well and bettering themselves year after year. 

The best example of such college is Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy (RGCP) which occupies top place in ‘college preference list’ of aspiring pharmacists. This college has become role model for many educational institutions as it has progressed a lot in a short span of time. The academic session of RGCP and some other M. pharma college in Gurgaon for 2014 batch is soon going to commence. Thus, it is the high time that aspiring candidates get to know the whole admission procedure as it will make things a lot easier for them.

The admission procedure of most of the pharmacy colleges are not way too complex or time taking. But one needs to fulfill the admission eligibility criteria which is a must thing for getting a seat in any pharmacy college. The eligibility criteria followed by most of the pharmacy colleges are like this:

For one should have at least 45 % marks in Physics and Chemistry along with other subjects.

For admission in course one should scored at least 55 % marks in Candidates who have qualified GPAT will be given first preference over non GPAT qualified. 

The pharmacy diploma holders can also apply or the admission through LEET admission to 2nd year if they have completed their diploma with 50 % marks. 

Candidates who want to pursue Ph.D in pharmacy should have at least 55 % marks and need to give an entrance test and interview.

So, this is the admission and eligibility criteria of College in Haryana and other NCR regions. But to take any decision it would be advisable to purchase the college prospectus.               



Monday, 19 May 2014

Admission 2014 eligibility criteria of Pharmacy College in Haryana is highly in favor of students

From a long time, a lot of aspiring pharmacists were saying that the admission eligibility criteria of pharmacy colleges should be made more student-friendly as medical is tough stream itself and not every other student able to score high marks. Moreover, a professional course has more to do with working skills than marks. So, considering the pleas of students, Pharmacy College in Haryana has made some changes in its admission eligibility criteria so that students have equal chances.

B. Pharma admission 2014 in gurgaon
The latest admission criteria is highly in favor of students as a large number of them can apply for admission to their favorite college. The new and improved admission eligibility criteria followed by a large number of College in Haryana is like this:-

For admission in candidate should have scored at least 45 % marks in 12th board exams. Having Physics and chemistry is a must along with other subjects which are: - (i) Math (ii) Biology (iii) Bio-Tech (iv) Computer

Pharmacy in Delhi/Ncr
Candidates seeking admission in must have a degree in with atleast 55 % marks. Candidates with a valid GPAT scorecard will be given preference over non GPAT candidates.
A lot of B.pharma College in Haryana offer LEET admission facility for D.pharma students who have completed their diploma with minimum 50 % marks. students who want to pursue Ph.D need to give entrance test conducted by the university and have to appear for personal interview. 

Though, these are some common aspects of admission eligibility criteria but there may be some difference depending upon the college/institute. Thus, the best thing to do is to purchase the college prospectus. In fact, to make any decision regarding the admission one should visit college personally and should not rely completely on word of mouth. For selecting a college one should check college infrastructure, fee structure, facilities offered by the college etc. 

One should start from the basics like checking whether the hostel and transport is available or not? Then, comes lab equipments which are an eminent part of a pharmacy college. Lastly but most importantly, teaching faculty which is the backbone of any educational institution. With the improvement in admission eligibility criteria and by following these simple instructions, one can easily get admission in a topnotch pharmacy college in Delhi NCR.                 


Admission Process of leading Pharmacy College in Haryana is quite short and simple

According to some college ranking websites M. Pharmacy College in Haryana is the best as it works on the students’ communication and presentations skills which is a crucial part of a pharmacist job. But this often put aspiring pharmacists into the dilemma that whether they should opt for pharmacy or some other medical course? This is because many of them think that if they won’t be able to develop good interpersonal skills then they may face difficulties in their career. But that’s not case; yes it is true that being well spoken helps a lot in this field. But there are various kind working opportunities in this field and if someone has sound knowledge of his/her work then everything will be fine. 

B. Pharmacy college in delhi
Moreover, if someone has some additional skills then obviously that person will gain additional benefits also. The high salary package of pharmacy technicians is the biggest proof of it. Thus, having good communications skills is like an added feather in the cap for pharmacists. Keeping this in mind, M. Pharma College in Haryana are highly emphasizing on inter-personal skills of students as working professionals who have sound knowledge of their work and can actually present it in front of others achieve success very easily. One such college is Ram Gopal college of Pharmacy that has emerged as one of the best pharmacy college in north Indian region. 

B. Pharmacy in delhi
The admission process of this top college of Haryana is very simple due to which it has received highly positive reviews from students. But, the pharmacy experts have placed RGCP into the list of top-notch colleges because it offers really great teaching services and has A-rated teaching infrastructure. It offers bachelors and master degree course. Then, there is LEET admission facility also available for pharmacy diploma holders and the college fee is also very affordable. All these qualities make it the best pharmacy college in Haryana.           


Friday, 16 May 2014

Easy admission eligibility criteria makes RGCP the best M.Pharmaceutics College in Delhi NCR

Nowadays having a master degree is a must for career growth, especially if you are working pharmacy sector. It has noted that people who have master degree in pharmacy have better career opportunities.  This is because most of the people who opt for master degree in pharmacy have prior working experience. Thus, the trust factor is there due to which they can easily impart responsibilities on them. Moreover, master degree holders have more expertise which makes them a better option. Therefore, every B. pharma student wants to admission in a renowned M. Pharmaceutics College in India

M. Pharmaceutics College in Delhi NCR
The two streams of M. pharmacy which are very much in demand these days are Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Together both these courses forms the most crucial part of pharmacy education. A person who is pursuing M. pharma in pharmaceutics or pharmaceutical chemistry not only needs practical training but also needs an innovative mind and needs to take initiative. In fact, many M. pharma degree holders are running pharmaceutical companies. In short, they got more responsibilities after completing their M. pharma degree and with that they got really good remuneration and salary packages.

M. Pharmaceutics College in India
But, the only problem is that not every Indian state has a good pharmacy college that offers both the M. pharma courses. Thus, a large number of B. pharma students comes to Delhi NCR as there are plenty number of preeminent M. PharmaceuticsCollege in Delhi NCR. Among these colleges, Ram Gopal College of Pharmacy has emerged as the most preferred choice for students. Many B. pharma graduates of leading pharmacy institutes like DIPSAR and IIT, Dwarka have applied for admission in RGCP. This is because RGCP has uncomplicated admission eligibility criteria which goes like this. 

For admission in M. pharma candidates must have passed B. pharma with at least 55 % for general category. Candidates belonging Schedule Casts (SC) / Schedule Tribes and other Backward Classes (OBCs) should have 50 % in B. pharma. Candidates who are gate qualified with a valid gate score will be given first preference compare to non-gate candidates. However, non-gate candidates are also eligible to apply. Moreover, RGCP has got everything which makes it the best M.Pharmaceutics College in Delhi NCR like teaching faculty, high modern lab, a well planned teaching curriculum etc. Thus, taking admission in this college would be a wise decision.