Monday, 31 March 2014

Admission opens for B. Pharma or M.Pharma in Delhi /Ncr for session 2014-15

Pharmacy colleges in Delhi NCR are counted among the best as they not only emphasize on traditional pharmacy practices but also teaches online pharmacy business. Thus, many students want to take admission in these colleges as they do not get a traditional degree but useful working skills    

B. Pharmacy colleges in Haryana revise their teaching curriculum from time to time so that their students can easily adapt themselves according to new market trends. This is to increase efficiency level of students so that they can easily face the competition. Moreover, things have changed lot as there is a paradigm shift in this sector. Earlier, the core responsibility of Pharmacist is to identify, mitigate and prevent problems related to medication. But not anymore as the industry has evolved a lot in past few years. 

Now, the trend of purchasing drugs and medications online has increased a lot.  It saves a person’s time, energy and money. Therefore a lot of people now order drugs online only. In fact, not only individuals but companies who have to buy drugs in bulk like order drugs online. Thus, it is necessary for a pharmacist to understand online buying and selling drugs in a proper manner. One needs to keep check on everything like checking details of the buyer, calculating estimate cost of goods transportation, calculating the right discount rate etc. 

Then, there are lots of precautions which need to taken like checking expiry dates of ordered medicine, legal issues related to selling medicine online, checking that all the medicines are approved by concern regulatory body i.e. FDA. There is lot to be done for clients as well like keeping all their personal information fully secured. This credit/debit card information, social security number, medical history etc. In short, one has to be there from purchasing goods from companies to selling it further to clients. This shows that nowadays job profile of pharmacists include more responsibilities.  

But it is a good thing as lot more new avenues have opened up for pharmacy professionals. They have started working different sectors like NGO, Hospitals, Corporate, MNC’s etc. In fact, they need to have business skills also like marketing, sales, distribution as all these things are eminent part of this business. Having knowledge about all these things is very important, especially if someone wants to start their own business after completing their course. Thus it’s important to get enrolled in a college or institute which understand this thing and give proper attention on each and every aspect of the course. 

M. Pharmacy colleges in Delhi NCR has this quality. For them, imparting working skills in their students is as important as increasing their academics knowledge. These colleges train students in way that they continuously progress in their career. And, there are lots of students, passed from these colleges, who have started their career from the bottom but highly successful today and have reached to a high position. So, anyone who is looking for M.pharmaceutics College in India should place pharmacy colleges of Delhi NCR region on top place in their preferred college list.   

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