Friday, 13 June 2014

Masters in pharmaceutics is the most in-demand pharmacy course nowadays

The scope and demand for M.pharma is constantly increasing, this is what some of the most credible pharmacy e-journals and magazines are saying. Recently, some of the pharmacy e-journals and magazines have conducted a survey among DELHI NCR area to see current trend regarding pharmacy courses and the result they got is really encouraging. In past few years, the scenario of higher education has changed a lot. Not only Universities/colleges want to improve but also students look out for top class learning experience. Following, the trends of international Universities/colleges, Indian students are also opting for a specialized and highly advanced postgraduate pharmacy course so that when they step into the field they can easily compete with others pharmacy professionals.

Before moving further, let us understood some aspects of this course, Master in Pharmacy or we can say M.pharma as it commonly called is two year advanced postgraduate program in pharmacy field. It is a two year program divided into four semesters. In first year, the emphasis is more on academic knowledge and lab experiments to strengthen the basic knowledge of students. The subjects which are taught in first year are Medicinal chemistry, Pharma Chemistry, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharma Analysis, Industrial Pharmacy etc. In second year, students go for a particular branch of pharmacy which is apt according to them. They have to do a thesis on that particular subject and submit it to the college. Special lectures are given for this purpose and mentors make sure that the students get everything correctly.

In last semester complete focus is on job training. Students have to work as interns/trainees in pharmaceutical company for gaining practical exposure. This training is an important part of the course. Nowadays, there are various kinds of M.pharma course available like M.Pharm in Pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharma Technology, Pharmaceutics etc. The best one which can offer great career opportunities is M.pharmaceutics. The reason due to which M.pharmaceutics is highly in demand is because some of the best colleges for M.pharmaceutics are located Delhi NCR area i.e. Ram Gopal college of Pharmacy (RGCP).

This M.pharma College in Gurgaon is best on the basis of learning experience and Return on Investment (ROI). The eligibility criteria for admission are also easy to meet which make apt choice for studying M.pharmaceutics. With the availability more such colleges there will be better career opportunities for pharmacy students.


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