Wednesday, 11 June 2014

M.pharmaceutics Colleges in Gurgaon are better than international pharmacy colleges

Have your just completed your B.pharma course and now in confusion that whether to apply for an international pharmacy college or an college in India would be better choice? Well, then you are not alone as there are many B.pharma students who are going through the same situation. Though, there are many good pharmacy colleges in India but having M.pharma degree from a leading and elite international pharmacy/college is dream of millions of Indian students. For doing so, they start collecting information about the countries which are hub of leading and international pharmacy colleges. There is a whole list of countries which said to be best the choice for pursuing pharmacy. And, Australia comes on the number one spot on this list. 

M.pharmaceutics college in Gurgaon

Now, these colleges have done their digital marketing in such a brilliant way that after reading about them from the internet students get highly attracted towards them. But, the real picture comes in front only after taking the admission and commencement of course. Then, most of them start thinking that pursuing M.pharma from leading M.pharma College in India would be a better option. Yes, the reality of these international colleges is much different from what it looks in their brochure. The biggest disadvantage of pursuing M.pharma from abroad is that in most of the countries, including Australia, the M.Pharma degree is not considered an advanced follow-up degree for pharmacists. 

This is because in these countries M.pharma holds the same value as B.pharma. Yes, having M.pharma degree is basic qualification to start practice as a Pharmacist. That not all, no credit will be given to students for previous studies undertaken in any undergraduate programme including pharmacy or related fields. In short, your B.pharma degree will a complete waste if you are going to pursue Post graduation from universities of abroad. More than anything, it will be a big loss on monetary terms as huge amount of money will be needed to get admission into any international pharmacy college. 

So, instead of wasting your time, money and resources you should check out some M.pharmaceutics college in Gurgaon and other NCR regions. Yes, pharmacy colleges in these areas are said to be the best in the country. One such college is Ram Gopal college of Pharmacy that is said to be the best choice for pursuing M.pharma. It has very reasonable fee structure and easy to meet admission eligibility criteria. Hence, applying for this M.pharmaceutics College in Gurgaon would be a better decision than applying for a pharmacy college of foreign country.   


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